1. Is AccuraFoodMenuWP plugin Responsive?

Yes, the the layouts are responsive.

2. Can I use Vision in my WordPress Theme on ThemeForest?

Yes you’ll simply need to purchase an Extended License for each WordPress Theme that’s using Vision.

3. Do you offer free support?

Kindly contact through via mail  support@accurthemes.com

4. Is AccuraFoodMenuWP compatible with my theme?

Yes AccuraFoodMenuWP is fully compatible with every WordPress theme and works seamlessly in all recent versions of WordPress.

5. How many Shortcodes are included?

AccuraFoodMenuWP comes with Stunning Shortcodes Generator with Preview. Just Generate your Custom Shortcode saw a preview just past it on the Page vary simple.

6. Can this be used only to Restaurant Menu?

No, you can do this to whatever you want. If you have a problem that needs a plugin that displays images with extra information in different layouts, this plugin might help you.

7. Can I add extra fields in the Additional fields box?

No, you can’t. However the ‘Free HTML’ fields lets you add any HTML content, so you can use this field to extend your content. Also, if you’re an advanced user, you can change the labels of the other fields if needed.

8. Can I hard-code one of the layouts to my WordPress Theme?

Yes, you just need to use the PHP Function provided in the Shortcode Generator option.

9. Can I change the visuals of the layouts?

Yes, but at your own risk. The CSS files are in the CSS folder and the files are named after the theme/layout names.

Display Meal/Dish Menu

Cream of Chicken
Cream of chicken soup recipe - Place 3 1/2 cups...

$ 150

Cream of Mushroom
Cream of mushroom soup is a simple type of soup...

$ 150